Study Academic English on the iBT TOEFL

"I've been a student at ASC English for over 8 months. I like that ASC English creates many different activities and invites all students to join and share time together. I spend around 18 hours per week in the school and those are hours which I enjoy 100%."

Adrien, ASC Boston student from Venezuela

    Improve your TOEFL score for university

A high TOEFL score is the key to entering many colleges and universities in the US, and we have prepared students with all levels of English to achieve great results at the test. We have offered this training since 1998 and have excellent knowledge of the skills you need to score high on the iBT TOEFL exam.

On average, our students increase their scores by 15 to 30 points after taking our preparation courses. We have developed these curriculums in line with the exam, and deliver quality training to all students. We also ensure your progression through individual attention and regular meetings with your tutor.

    Excellent courses for international students

Our experienced instructors provide quality attention and training and help you improve throughout your course. All our students raise their score by at least 15 points and you can track your progress through simulated computer tests. You also spend valuable classroom time learning test-taking strategies with other students.

On the iBT TOEFL course, you gain much more than English skills. You will learn about note-taking, gain vocabulary and learn clues, vocabulary and grammar, and be able to paraphrase complicated information orally and in writing.

Our iBT TOEFL preparation course meets 5 days a week for a total of 21 hours each week. Our students work with multiple carefully trained teachers who use ETS authentic IBT TOEFL preparation materials as well as training materials from other major publishers that closely follow actual ETS IBT TOEFL exam questions.

Twice each month our teachers have a one-on-one counseling session with each of their students. Student strengths and areas which need improvement are discussed. This individualized and personal attention sets ASC English apart from other ESL schools in the Boston area.