Study English in the city of Boston, USA

"I came to the United States from Bulgaria and was very worried that I wouldn't understand academic English. That's why I attend ASC English which helps me incredibly to develop my English skills. ASC English is a school which is dedicated to helping international students."

Ivan, ASC Boston student from Bulgaria

    Quality English Language programs

We have been offering English classes to international students coming to the US for the first time since 1993, and have developed a very good understanding of their needs. We know exactly what it takes to get in an American university and our English language programs prepare students every year. You will gain English and academic skills necessary to live and study in the US.

Our English language programs are of high quality and provide a variety of extra classes as well for you to supplement your learning. You will choose from a range of topics including Boston history, Business English, Idioms and expressions, and survival English.

    Prepare for a US University

Many international students come to ASC before heading to college and we help them prepare for the academic and personal challenges they will face in their higher studies. We also offer private tutoring in test preparation to raise scores of students needing the test to get into graduate school.

Conversational English is an important subject area to master, which will enable you to interact freely with your peers, use idioms and slang and generally master grammar and vocabulary. In particular, you will learn to slow down your speech and focus on pronouncing words properly and clearly – this will enable you to speed up as your skill improves. You will also have a chance to explore American culture – in movies, radio, TV, concerts, and many other activities that help reinforce your English skills.

    Great American experience in Boston

Boston is a great student city that combines the hustle and bustle of a major metropolis and a great arts, politics and culture scene. With many parks and open spaces, Boston offers plenty of opportunities for students to stroll, relax, and admire the changing colours of New England in the fall.

Boston ranks as one of the best student cities in the world as it has so much to offer. International students come from all over the world to experience the American lifestyle and choose Boston to study, work and live. Studying English at ASC is a great way to improve your skills, meet friends in Boston, and get into a US university to pursue your higher education.