About Us

Here at the Academic Student Center English Boston, we have been teaching international students since 1993. This long experience has enabled us to develop a strong understanding of the needs of all our students and we provide all the services to help you embark on an education in the US.

Our qualified and experienced team will welcome you in a friendly environment and work with you through the challenges of settling in a new country and planning the next steps in your education.

Our programs are of excellent value and benefit, and our passionate professional teachers will make your learning experience a rewarding one. You will gain the specific language and academic skills needed as a student in an American university, and the attention you require from the staff to ensure you get the best results possible.

We have years of experience in the sector and familiar with the specific needs of students from many different countries. We provide high-quality services for students of all ages, from recent high school graduates through college and pot-graduate students.

Join us at ASC and make Boston the first stop of your American education!